Salon Suites for rent in Indian Trail, NC

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Suite Amenities

You are in control of your own suite.

Suite Rentals start at $190 per week

Private/Exclusive Suites

Personalize Your Studio

Lockable Entry Door

Fully Equipped Suite (Styling chair, Styling station w/ mirror, Shampoo Bowl/Chair, etc.)

Televisions/cable available for an additional fee

Other benefits

to the Suite Life

Living the Dream

Live the dream of owning your own salon. Be about excited about your work and be motivated to provide the best service available. And because you work for yourself, no one but you is telling you what to do. There are no tyrannical salon bosses ordering you to push a product or service.

No Secrets Necessary

You and your client are in a private suite. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s life story in an open-floor salon, and you can share yours without everyone else hearing it. Free from the chatter and callous gossip, you can truly experience the ambiance of an exclusive spa … Just imagine the sound of warm water as she rinses your hair. Now, be there.

Business Support

From equipment such as Styling chairs, Styling stations with Mirrors, Shampoo Bowl/Chairs, etc., to an introduction to a premier color distributor that will discount your first color order, and access to credit card/merchant processing costs lower than “The Square” along with access to insurance (professional liability, renters’, etc.) at great rates, we work hand-in-hand with you to get you started out on the right foot.

Young beautiful woman having her hair cut at the hairdresser's.


“As a 26 year veteran stylist, I know first hand how scary it can be to own your own business. I made the leap in January and couldn’t be happier that I did.  The people at sun valley suites are supportive and professional to work with.  The owners are fair and helpful in the success of their people who rent suites.  The suites are perfect size and the whole place is kept in excellent condition.  My clients have loved my move to my own suite.  I have gained so many new clients since I moved and they have really enjoyed being there.” – Taylor Morrison, owner of Taylor Alan Hair Design

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